Premium Group are the market leader in product fulfillment for loyalty programmes and online shopping sites. With hundreds of direct supplier relationships in both Australia and New Zealand, Premium Group is able to provide reward fulfillment in either or both markets.

Literally thousands of products will feature in your catalogue - it will be extensive, diverse, innovative and constantly refreshed.

Whatever your preferred promotional cycle may be, we can provide a bespoke solution. We are sourcing special deals on a regular basis and will provide mouth-watering reductions or bonus product to tempt even the most cost-conscious bargain-hunter.

With automated reporting at whatever frequency you may need, we notify in real time of catalogue updates, out-of-stocks, back-orders, special pricing or any activity your business wishes to measure. No matter which currency you do business in, or whether your preferred pricing model is cost-plus, shared-margin or flat-fee, we cater for both domestic and international partners.

Premium Group provides fulfillment in New Zealand and Australia for rewards programmes based in many countries throughout the globe. These include Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, The United Kingdom and The USA.

Our rewards sites include booking engines for both airline travel and accommodation globally, allowing members to pay for their flights and hotels with their rewards points.

An optional “points+pay” system can be included in your catalogue, allowing members to top up their points using their credit or debit cards.