Online Shopping

The perfect way to incentivise and reward your staff, trade customers or consumers; indeed anyone connected to your business, is Premium Group’s SmartSpend facility.

It has as its cornerstone a closed-user-group, password-protected and client-branded online discount shopping site. Through the addition of a powerful and versatile points-engine and the inclusion of a rewards component, it becomes an exciting tool to get the most out of the many and varied components of your business structure.

Simply by providing the shopping facility to your staff or customers you are already rewarding them. They will enjoy discounted pricing on a massive range of products over a wide range of categories.

In addition they will earn loyalty points for every dollar spent on the site. These can be accumulated against their account for them to spend on the site, applied to a common workplace goal or even gifted to a philanthropic cause.

Your business can further reward the SmartSpend members by the awarding of bonus points for performance measured against any criteria you choose, such as sales targets, attendance records etc.

Your suppliers can even reward your staff, providing them with a ready-made incentive solution. SmartSpend even has the ability to provide a specific list of products to be redeemed using points awarded by specific suppliers.

Members are able to spend loyalty points, dollars via their credit or debit card or a combination of both.

Online Shopping Loyalty Programmes