Over the past two decades, Premium Group has developed industry-leading expertise in every aspect of loyalty and relationship marketing – all aimed at helping consumer and B2B facing brands maximise the value of their investment.

Increasingly, executives are finding that the winning differentiator is no longer the product or the price, but the level of engagement—the degree to which a company succeeds in creating an intimate long-term relationship with the customer or external stakeholder. Although the term “engagement” is sometimes used to describe customer marketing, loyalty, satisfaction and retention practices, companies are now realising that engagement is also a more strategic way of looking at customer or stakeholder relationships. An engagement strategy will begin with understanding what an ‘engaged’ customer looks like and provide the metrics for measuring the success of initiatives in terms of sales and desired behaviours.

Eight – Point Plan for Implementing a Loyalty Programme:

  1. Situation Analysis and Needs assessment
  2. Financial overview
  3. Programme impact projections
  4. Programme plan
  5. Investment estimate and Return on Investment projections
  6. Loyalty programme pilot and test
  7. Segment customers
  8. Launch

Build a relationship with your customers on so many fronts that if they left your brand, there would be a huge gap left in their life or business!


Loyalty Programmes

A success story....

Fonterra’s Anchor Rewards programme was completely re-engineered by Premium Group to provide an engaging model to assist Anchor Franchisees to incentivise their b2b customers…more….