Consumer and B2B promotions increase engagement with customers.

  • Collect customer information
  • Drive sales
  • Set targets
  • Improve relationships
  • Influence behaviour
  • Launch new products
  • Clear old stock

SMS Campaigns
Social Media
Smart Posters (Tap to receive info to your phone)

Businesses want to improve their key metrics – customer numbers, frequency, wallet share, sales and lifetime value. They also want to understand their customers and their needs.
Promotions provide a short burst tactical tool for collecting and measuring information on these metrics and what impacts them.

  • An intensive acquisition promotion may add 10% new customers to a database. Be sure to tag these customers as belonging to this promotional source and measure their contributions over time to get the true ROI of the promotion. Was it a suitable tool for bringing on “quality” customers or did the giveaway just attract cherry-pickers who haven’t engaged in your brand over time? Even if there was a long tail of casual customers, did it give you an opportunity to understand your market better?
  • A Facebook campaign collecting LIKES in exchange for a chance in a draw will collect a database of customers who prefer to be communicated with via Social Media. Future promotions can be targeted at this segment if it suits your valuable customer profile