Business-to-Consumer Loyalty

In the Business–to–Consumer space, a surer path to success is a loyalty coalition, in which many brands issue a unique currency that customers can earn on everyday shopping and redeem for a wide range of goods and services.

The best value loyalty proposition for a customer is to earn points from multiple sources – to be rewarded for sharing their wallet with a selection of suppliers.

  • Customers collecting a single currency from multiple sources have an opportunity to earn rewards more quickly, strengthening long-term engagement with the coalition – and with your brand.
  • The rich information provided by your customers can be combined with select data gathered across the coalition, including from customers who are not yet shopping with you. The result: deeper analytical insights that help you shape everything from better-targeted offers to more relevant communications, products and merchandising.
  • You share the costs of marketing, rewards, fulfillment and all other aspects of program operations with other coalition partners.
  • The network effect from many strong partners coming together enhances the brand equity of the overall coalition while also multiplying the power of each brand within it.

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