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Welcome to Premium Group Marketing Ltd

Full service loyalty, especially in the B2B arena, is where Premium Group Marketing excels. Take your customer engagement activities to a new level with an organisation with over 20 years experience in incentive, recognition and loyalty programmes in Australasia.

Premium Group is based in Auckland, New Zealand and was one of New Zealand’s first loyalty companies, formed by its Managing Director, Graeme Thomson, in 1992.

Reward fulfillment in New Zealand and Australia is offered to many global rewards programmes based in countries including the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, United States, Dubai and Australia.

The Premium Group Marketing Approach

Programme design entails an in-depth level of strategic and tactical knowledge to ensure a client’s programme is positioned as a leader in its industry. An incentive or Loyalty programme is a major investment for any organisation and should represent the image, brand and market positioning of the sponsor and elevate these to reflect leadership in their industry segment.

A loyalty programme is the ‘good news’ communication channel and needs to be treated as a live and intricate part of the sponsors marketing and communications strategy to ensure it influences behaviour. All too often companies put a programme in place then put it out to pasture and think that is their CRM issues addressed. A loyalty programme requires on-going management, enhancements and inspiration to ensure its validity and member engagement.

Social Responsibility

Premium Group Marketing is actively involved on the committee with a number of charities through its participation in the Plumbing Industry Charity Trust. Funds raised are in excess of $1.5m with all proceeds channelled to selected ‘Youth at Risk’ organisations in New Zealand.

About Premium Group Marketing